Saturday, April 5, 2014

So Much to Do, So Little Spring Break

How is it already the last Saturday of Spring Break?! I'm pretty sure it just started yesterday! My to-do list is still SOOOOO long! Oh well, it will all get done sometime. maybe in the summer?!

Looks like I've become a once-a-month blogger. Rats! That was not my intention. Hey! I bet I'll do really well this summer. :)

We've done so many awesome things lately, most of it spring related, even though spring wasn't in sight for so long. Thankfully, this week has finally felt like spring, just in time for Spring Break! Let's review the past month in pictures.

Dr. Seuss Week! This is one of my favorite weeks of the year! I am pretty sure I say that about most weeks, but I really, really love this week! :) We had a snow day, so that disrupted our plans a bit, but we fit in most everything. Who wouldn't love silly socks?

 Exploring adjectives by eating PopRocks while wearing Dr. Seuss hats! What could be better?

Dressing up as our favorite Seuss character! Such fun! I was the Lorax, of course! Although I put together 3 different costumes. I can't wait until next year's costume.

 We made Oobelek! Fun and grossness at the same time=awesome!

We also learned the r-controlled vowel, "ar" this week, so we had to take off our Seuss hats and put on our pirate patches! Can't miss going on a treasure hunt, that's for sure! Look what we found! Argh, Matey!

I also coordinated a school-wide Book Drive to celebrate Read Across America Day. I was soooo proud of the kiddos for bringing in their gently-used books. We had sooooo many books that each kiddo got to choose TWO new-to-them books, and we still had plenty to donate to a local charity. This is just one side of the cafeteria and there were more books on the other side!!

We couldn't leave Dr. Seuss week without eating green eggs and ham, of course! Yum, yum!

We also had Schlopp, schlopp, beautiful schlopp!

Then it was St. Patrick's Day! We started out by figuring out what two primary colors would make green. Was it blue and red? Nope. 

How about yellow and red? Nope again!

Yellow and blue? Let's see....

Woohoo! Yellow and blue make green!

Then silly Larry the Leprechaun left us some magic leprechaun pudding. We had to make it ourselves and guess what?! There were tiny gold nuggets in the pudding. It was delicious!

 Then he left a giant mess! Plus, we had all invented leprechaun traps and he was so sneaky, he didn't get caught in one of them!

Then we topped off the day with Shamrock Shakes, complete with green cherries! Scrumptious.

 What says spring more than flying a kite?! We did a narrative writing about a day we flew a kite, so we had to go try it out, of course!
We also made terrariums and aquariums, complete with real live bugs and fish! 

Spring is amazing and I am so glad it is finally here! Although that means that there is not too much longer with my little cuties. 2nd grade will be here before we know it! 

This week was Spring Break. I can't wait to hear all about their adventures. I did get to visit with one of my favorite teacher friends from my old school. I also did my student teaching with her. She is fantastic, and I'm so glad I got to see her and her sweet kiddo. I miss my RSE friends!

Last but not least, I finished my Unit 6 Wonders Selection Tests. Now all the units are complete! I know you guys love them, so don't forget to grab them before you start unit 6. 

Be fun and fabulous!
~Mrs. Sweeney