Sunday, August 2, 2015

Back to School TpT Sale!

Woohoo! I love sales and I know you do, too! Teachers Pay Teachers is having a back to school sale Aug 3-5, 2015 and most sellers will have their stuff on sale for 20% off, too.  It's a great time to get new products for the new year. Go have fun shopping and let me know your favorite purchases. Use code BTS15.

Don't forget to check out my newest packet. It's already half price and then the sale on top of it will make it an excellent deal. A whole year of literacy and math write the room centers for a low, low price! Get it now!

Be fun and Fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Where, oh, where did summer go?

Summer gets faster every year. My to do list was a mile long, but I think I only marked off 3 things. How does that happen? I spent most of the summer just trying to rest my shoulder from my injury. Plus, I doubled up on Grad school so I had twice the workload thrown into 2 months. I will be done early though, so I am happy about that.

My classroom is ready to go, I've got my new class list, and I'm ready to start a new year with new, fabulous kiddos. At the moment, I only have 16 on my roster. Let's see how long that lasts.

One thing I've done this summer is my favorite packet yet! I am so excited for it. My kiddos love to "write the room" and I try to put that as a center each week. I am really into themed learning and want to coordinate everything about what we are learning, the time of year, and the skills. I also wanted to let them "write the room" for math, and there just wasn't much out there. So I decided to make a packet that works for me and fits all of that criteria. I am happy to say that I have the first whole half of the year done and ready to go. I will be adding the second half later as a growing bundle, so you can get it now for half price! This means that you can re-download when I get the 2nd half of the year finished for free.

I can't wait to use it, and I hope it helps you as well.

Right now this product includes:

August: Back to School, Friends, Short Vowels, Colors, and Shapes
September: Apples, Rhyming, Punctuation, Number Words, Addition Dice, Ten Frames
October: Fall, Pumpkins, Halloween, Nouns, Ten Frame Addition, Odd & Even
November: Thanksgiving, Nouns & Verbs, Syllables, Sentences, Tally Marks, Counting On
December: Christmas, Nouns, Verbs, & Adjectives, Long & Short Vowels, Sentences & Punctuation, Numbers Before & After, Making Ten

Here are some of the cute pages for you to catch a glimpse.

Vocabulary work

phonics work


                                                                  Sentences and Punctuation
                                                            More math

                                                                     and so much more!

Each one has 12 word cards and a recording sheet that actually makes them think. :)

Hooray for the start of school. I hope your year is fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney