Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Another month come and gone! What happened to all my free time so I could blog?! I'll catch up one day.

This year is off to a good start. We are settling in to the routine and chugging right along! I can't believe it is the end of the 1st 9 weeks already! Fall Break is next week! Craziness!

We did lots of our fun apple stuff last week. This week is all about Maps and communities. I haven't gotten the pictures off the camera yet, but hey, that's a good reason to blog again this weekend!

This past weekend, my Partner in Crime and I went to the 2nd writing training for SRSD this past weekend. We had to go on a Saturday, which wasn't our favorite thing to do, but we liked getting to hang out with each other anyway.

The day started out great. Partner in Crime ran across an old friend that she had taught with 15 years ago. She was excited about that. Wouldn't you know, she just happened to be our trainer, too!

We got going with the training and everything was moving right along. Because we had already planned out the whole year of writing, there wasn't much more to add, but we did get a few ideas, mostly for the Math portion. Well, listen to what happened!

We were working in partners, looking over our writing examples. Our trainer came over and started talking to us. I don't remember how it happened, but she ended up asking if we had heard about the "Writing is Sweet Packet". Um, yeah, I'd say we had heard of it. I just happened to create it! Haha! I am sure I turned instantly bright red. She couldn't believe I had created it. She told us that it had been the talk of the training the day before. Many people had the packet and were talking about how great it was! What!! I was completely shocked!

Welllll, the trainer proceeded to go over to every group and told them all that I had this fabulous packet for writing that they should check out. Then others started coming over to me saying they used the packet every day and they loved it! What! I was so embarrassed, but so honored at the same time. I had one girl come over and say that I was a celebrity and that she loved my blog and my products. She said she was a TpT groupie and she just couldn't believe that she was meeting me. Hi, TpT Groupie! :) Again, I was shocked. Who would have thought in the anonymous world of the internet, that I would actually be recognized?! I am not used to so much attention, and don't like the attention, so I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Craziness!

I spent the whole day red and embarrassed, but I am so glad that my packet has helped so many! That's my goal with my TpT store, and I guess it's been accomplished.

I don't want to be famous, but I guess if I help a teacher's day be a little bit easier, then I will take it. :)

I made the posters in my pack into their own little packet. I noticed a lot of guidance counselors, principals, and other non-first grade teachers were pinning my posters like crazy. I figured this would be a way for them to get the posters without having to get a whole packet of first grade writing to go along with it. The Positive Self-Talk poster, in particular, is a big hit. Here are some of the posters in case you want to take a look.

Thanks for reading my blog and brightening my day. I am so glad you can use what I put out there. Thank you!!

Be fun and fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney

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  1. Your paper looks amazing! I bet your kids love it! I know what you mean about feeling like you can never catch up...
    Kids Math Teacher