Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Terrible Blogger!

So yeah, I am a terrible blogger, it seems! I fill my life with a ton of stuff to stay busy, but maybe a little too busy!

Let's catch up.

I love my class this year, but have a few little, I mean huge, challenges. We are making it through though. I love them all and want them all to succeed and do well, even though they are hard. I do want to take a nap everyday though, if that tells you anything. :)

Right now I have 2 full time assistants. Thankfully, I don't mind people in my room. I just do what I do . They can laugh at all my dumbness. Haha. I do!

I am starting my last semester of Grad School! Did you hear that?! I am starting my last semester of Grad School! I graduate in May! It really hasn't been bad at all, but it will be good to get done. It'll be one less thing on my plate. Yeah, right! Who am I kidding, I live to be busy and full. I'll just add something else to replace it. My whole family thinks I'll go back and get my Doctorate before too long. I say no. We'll see. I do like learning.

My oldest kiddo just got a car. What!? Yes. How did that happen?! He still has his Learner's Permit, but this car fell into our lap and is perfect for him, so why not give him lots of practice now. He loves it and is driving us everywhere. It is newer than mine though and much nicer, so I am jealous.

My youngest started Middle School. He hates dislikes it. Probably cuz he doesn't get to be with his mommy anymore. I know that is devastating. ;) Really though, he would rather be in the gym. He already spends more time there than he does at home. Gymnasts rock.

I get to teach summer school this summer. Yes, I am excited for it. I am weird. I just can't wait to give those kiddos a head start. Plus, again, I like to be busy. Might as well be helping children while I am it, right?

Ok, I think we've caught up enough. Maybe next time I'll do a real teaching type blog post. I love, love, love this time of year because they are just exploding with their knowledge and learning. Plus, there are so many fun themes to teach.

In fact, I am excited because I have my February Printables pack done and I got to look at all the things we will be learning. Cuteness and fun are coming up! Anyway, since I am done with the packet so early, I am giving it to you for $1 off through the month of January. It'll go back to full price in February. If you have my other packs, you will love this one, too. I added a few more pages and already have some new things in mind for March. Check it out and get it while it's cheaper!

Be fun and Fabulous!


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