Sunday, October 13, 2013

Assessment Queen!

Ha! Want to know something funny. All through school and student teaching, I constantly felt that I was lacking in the assessment category. That was the area I put that needed improvement every time I was asked. I wasn't good at making them up, and of course, I hated giving them. There are so much more fun things we could be doing rather than testing! :) But alas, the world of teaching is a lot about testing. So, apparently I turned that weakness into a strength and didn't even know it! I guess it just came gradually with time, but now it seems most of what I do is making tests! I made all of the assessments for our grade level this year. I made many for you on Teachers pay Teachers, and I've made some more!

We got a new Reading series this year, McGraw Hill's Reading Wonders. We noticed that they didn't have a weekly assessment that went with the story for the week. The booklet they gave us is like a 6 page test and it doesn't cover anything about the story. I wanted to be able to gauge the skill and what they were getting from what we had worked on all week long, so I started making a weekly test for the story. Then my team started using it, and what do you know... another TpT product was born. I figure lot of you could use these weekly tests as well. I might as well share.

Unit One is probably done for most of you, but I do have that ready to go. You can get it for next year. :)

Unit 2 is ready to go for you now. Click on the picture below to get it on TpT. I've also included the info sheet so you can see what you are getting and a sample sheet so you can see what page 1 of a test looks like. I hope they help you out. They will be scaffolded as the Units progress. Right now, I am reading the test out loud to the students. I will start letting them read it after Christmas probably. They are simple enough that they can be read on their own now as well. I just want to get them used to taking the test, so I can for sure see what they know, rather than maybe a guess because they didn't read it correctly. I will be adding Unit 3 soon. I hope you enjoy and they make life easier for you!

Fall Break is over for us! I can't believe it goes by so quickly, but at the same time seems so long! I am going to be struggling in the morning, that's for sure! 

Be fun and fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney


  1. Do you think you will make a bundle of these for Units 1-6?

  2. I had some extra time last night, so I got the units 1-6 bundled and up for ya. :)