Sunday, November 9, 2014

Venturing into New Territory!

So, this will be a quick post! I know I'm terrible about blogging this year.

Oops! Hello Friends! :)

I have Progress Reports to finish up, so this has got to be quick, but I posted a new product to TpT. I'm so excited about it! I have gotten my feet wet in the world of printable packs. This is my first time doing this type of product, but I think it turned out awesome. At least I hope so!! Guess we will see what you guys think! Haha.

Since it took me longer than I thought, I'm a little late to the November party, so I put it on sale for the next few days.

I have a bazillion pictures and posts to write. Maybe one day.....

Be fun and Fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney

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