Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Day 2!

Why do I keep posting these freebies in the middle of the day, you ask? Because I have been at home sick the past 2 days. Yuck! In fact, I got sick on Thanksgiving and still am not over it. Darn germs! BUT, that gives me time to jump in on the 12 days of giving. Yippee!

I am linking up with DeAnne at First Grade and Fabulous again to bring you a Freebie as thanks to you during this Christmas season! Teacher stuff for free! Yippee!


Today's freebie doesn't really have anything to do with Christmas, though! Sorry! We are doing fairy tales right now, and I noticed lots of fairy tale stuff being pinned on Pinterest, so maybe you are, too. It's another writing activity today, Jack and the Beanstalk style!

It includes a graphic organizer and the final draft paper. Enjoy!

Don't forget the sale at TpT. Today is the last day! My store is 20% off, plus the 10% savings from TpT. Awesomeness!

160 × 200

Be fun and fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney

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