Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Is Upon Us!

Man! The years just fly by! How is it 2015 already? That's like the future! I remember the 90s, for heaven's sake, and that was just like 10 years ago, I'm pretty sure!

This year will be full of new for me. It starts out with my first semester of Grad school. It's a little scary, but  exciting , too. I am excited to learn more, work on some of my weaknesses, and delve in to what I love. I'm also excited because I get to help future teachers learn about the classroom. I am working with Lipscomb to allow students changing careers to come into my classroom to see education in action.  Should be fun!

Some other newness will happen in my family. My oldest will get his Learner's Permit this year. My youngest will start Middle School. I will have no more children with me at school. That's a little sad. How do they get so big?

I'm excited for this part of the school year. The kids just explode with learning. Plus, all of my favorite units and activities happen in this half of the year.

I actually was a little lazy on this break. I relaxed, watched tv, read a book, and some days did not think one bit about school. I know I'm going to be insane after this break, so I wanted to decompress. I did, however, make some new products. Fun, fun!

First, I finished up my Homework Packet for Unit 4 Reading Wonders. Only 2 more units left! If you haven't checked it out yet, and use Reading Wonders, you should. This homework goes right along with each story. It includes reading comprehension, fluency, spelling, and math. It's everything you need in homework so each week is easy and ready to go. Here are some pages for you to take a look.

Make your life easier for the rest of the school year. Easy peasy.

I am super excited about my next product. My January Print and Go packet is up and ready. More pages, more cuteness. Can't wait to use it!

Back to work on Monday. This will make my life easier and yours, too. 

Be fun and fabulous in the new year!

~Mrs. Sweeney

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