Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Applicious Apples!

I LOVE teaching anything and everything about apples! Weird, huh? But it is one of my favorite units to teach. Thankfully, I got to teach all about those red, delicious apples again while I was student teaching in Kindergarten. Yea! Those little kiddos can learn SOOO much about the world, life, etc, AND there are all sorts of yummy treats, crafts, and fun stuff to do.

I read lots and lots of apple books. We sing tons of apple songs. We play with apples, paint with apples,, make our own apples, etc. Apples take over our classroom and I am perfectly fine with that.

We start off by making a KWL chart all about apples. Of course, it has to be apple shaped!

Here's a picture of my own little cutie pie, Crazy Boy, reading a Scooby Doo apple book to the Kindergarteners. Here you can see the KWL chart behind him so you get a feel for it. 

 We tasted the various color of apples and of course we had to graph them. Lookie there, we ALL liked at least one kind! It's a miracle! The rule in our classroom is we have to try at least one bite of everything, even if you think you won't like it. Parents are amazed at the things their kiddos try at school, but never would at home. :) Usually, they end up liking them too.

We explored the inside and outside and described it. Adjectives, baby!

We then made lots of learning crafts. How does an apple grow?

I love, love, love decorating our windows with "stained glass".

 The seasons of an apple tree.

Making applesauce!


Johnny Appleseed Kids! What a poser. :)

Parts of an apple.

All of our beautiful apple stuff decorating the hallway. 

I would love to go to an apple orchard at the end of all this fun, but nope! We go to the pumpkin patch. Which brings us in to learning all about pumpkins. Then comparing apples and pumpkins. Eating pumpkins. Etc, Etc, Etc. So much learning can happen while incorporating a specific subject across the whole curriculum. 

Sequencing pumpkin growth.

Fruit is awesome!

Be fun and fabulous!
~Mrs. Sweeney

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