Friday, June 28, 2013

Classroom Design Star WannaBe

Sooo, I REALLY love decorating classrooms, particularly MY classroom! :) Being in so many different classroom over the years, I have thousands of ideas floating in my brain. Now I get to turn a lot of those ideas into reality! Yippee!

My classroom this year is based mostly in the colors, lime green, sky blue, and brown. I LOVE those colors together and I think it fits me perfectly. Plus, it just so happens that my room color is the sky blue I've been dreaming about. Score! Who'd have thought when I picked those colors 2 years ago, that it would be so easy. Then the theme of my classroom is Jungle, particularly monkeys, but I threw in the other jungle animals just to be nice. :)

So, I'm a planner, a BIG planner, so I've been planning my classroom since I started back to school. Which makes it especially good because I am also CHEAP, I mean THRIFTY, so I've been stocking up on stuff for 3 years. When I see it on sale or cheap, I buy it. That way I've only been doing small amounts at a time, which is much easier on my budget, although my husband may not be saying the same thing at the moment. Oops.

Our extra room upstairs turned into my teaching room. My children call it the hoarder room. Maybe it's a little bit like a hoarder room, but it is nice and organized, so there! I had to fit a whole classroom worth of stuff into a little tiny office space, what can I say?! Anyway, I've been SOOO excited to get all of that stuff out of there. It's amazing how many things you find or forgot you had when you have a hoarder, I mean nicely organized teacher room. But I must say that I have A LOT of stuff which makes me happy that I only have to go and buy the little stuff you don't think of until the last minute like magnets for the white board. I COULD be buying bins, and books, and furniture, but thankfully, again, I'm a planner and thought ahead.

I of course, started working in my classroom as soon as I was given the ok. I mean really, like the minute I was given the ok. I just couldn't wait! I'm glad I didn't, because it makes me happy to go in and make my room beautiful. I love everything about it. That means I'll love being in it all day, everyday, which I think it important, don't you?!

So here's a little sneak preview. I did this my first day and I love it so, so much. It's exactly how I envisioned.  I can't wait until it is completely done with bulletin boards, files, notebooks, etc. I'm getting there. I've done much more since then. Shy Guy walked in earlier this week because I forced him to come and help me bring my thousands of books and he said, "It's a classroom already!". Yep, it's definitely a classroom and definitely looks like one. I COULD have kids tomorrow if I needed to, but now it's time to cutesify! Yes, I make up my own words. That makes me happy too.

Now, on to the sneak peek. :)

Now, I do sort of hate that my rug doesn't match. I do have another one upstairs in my fabulous teaching room, but the school bought these and every classroom has one. I sort of feel bad not using it, plus isn't it better to have 40 little first grader feet on a free carpet, rather than my "bought with my own money" carpet? THe more I look at it, the more I think it is ok, but I may change my mind at the last minute. We'll see. 

Be fun and fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney

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