Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bulletin Board Fun and Fabulous Style

Who covers their paper covered bulletin board with electricity? This girl! But it was awesome and so cute! That makes the slight risk worth it, right? I think so. :) You probably do too, so just go ahead and do it.

During my many teaching courses I had to do an interactive bulletin board. It was Christmas time and I wanted to be able to keep the board up for at least a little while. No boring Christmas themes here! I did a winter board covered in Christmas lights. What could be better?!

The tree was on the board year round so we could just change it per season. The large snow flakes have the kiddos names in their Reading center groups. The small snowflakes are the various centers (computers, Big Books, Read to self, Work work, etc.) So all we had to do was change the small smowflakes each day. You could do it the opposite and have the kids be the moveable snowflakes, either way works. Then you add the lights, and voila! What a difference the lights make and sooo pretty when the lights are off. It would have been an okay board before the lights, but the lights add so much.  Do it, you know you want to. :)

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