Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

If you'll remember, I was a mom before I was a teacher. I couldn't believe how much paperwork there was to fill out on the first day of school! Insane! Lots of it was the same information over and over. Ugh. Who wants to spend 45 minutes filling out things?! I know it has to be done and all of the information goes to many different places and many different people. I know it's necessary. Sort of.

This brings me to my newest product on TpT. I wanted ONE form for the parents to fill out for my classroom. Just one! That way they weren't filling out all the school stuff and then even more for me, all with the same info. BUT I also wanted it to be easy for me. It needed to be something I could grab easy and not have to have ANOTHER notebook. Notebooks are overtaking my shelves!

So I made a 5x7 card with all the info I need. I can print them easily and then punch a hole in the corner and insert a ring. There you have it. A small card I can easily use to contact parents or look up info, and the parents are happy because it is only half a page to fill out. Go check it out here. It's only $1 and makes life so much easier for both you and parents!

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