Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Art in My Own Way!

At my school, all of the 1st grade teachers and even the EAs, have a door sign with their initial on it. I think they are super cute and of course had to have one. So I went to Hobby Lobby, then Joann's, then Michael's, then back to Joann's. I had to have the perfect fabric and letter, of course!

Hobby Lobby had some cute chevron fabric, but it wasn't really in "my" colors so, although I liked it, I wasn't sold. They didn't have a cutesy letter anyway, just the boring blocky type.

So then I went to Joann's. I looked through all of their fabric, couldn't decide, so I looked at letters. I found the perfect letter that was cutesy and in white. I didn't really want to paint it, so I decided to choose fabric that matched the white. I went back to the fabric. Then I went to the bathroom. I would NOT recommend going to the bathroom, at least not at my store. It was the most disgusting bathroom I had ever been in. Um, how could a fabric store bathroom look like that?! It hadn't been cleaned in quite some time, that was obvious. I was disgusted, so I left.

Michael's was next. Wasn't really happy with anything I found there, so I went back to Joann's. I definitely did not use the bathroom this time. In fact, it was so bad I emailed their corporate office and complained. I think it made it worse that it wasn't somewhere you expected to have a gross bathroom, like a fast food restaurant or a truck stop. Haha! It really was bad, but I digress.  I found the perfect fabric, got my cutesy letter, and a 16x20 white canvas.

No letter in this pic. Oops!

I then cut the fabric so that the edges went around to the back of the frame. I then stapled it tight. I have a heavy duty wood stapler, although I have seen them stapled with a regular stapler. You just have to use a lot of staples. Try it if that's all you have. After it was all stapled tightly, I used Elmer's adhesive spray on the letter and stuck it to the fabric.  I thought I had a picture of this, but nope. 

I liked it, but thought it was a little plain. I wanted to add a ribbon to the top as the hanger, but all of my ribbon has a design and that is too much with the fabric, so I left that off. I'm thinking I will probably go back and add that later. I went ahead and hung it up at school. After I kept looking at it, I decided it definitely needed something else. On one of my many trips to Hobby Lobby (what can I say, I have to kill time while Crazy Boy is at gymnastics for 3 hours) I found the perfect thing! A small bag of little crocheted flowers in colors to match. Woohoo!  The next time I went to school, I added the little bling and VOILA!

I love it! The ribbon will finish it off, but for now it looks great! Yea for quick and easy art. It took me like 10 minutes tops to make and adds so much to the boring brown door! I'd love to see yours if you do something similar. :)

Be fun and fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney

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