Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I've decided I really love fixing up my classroom. Haha! I love it so much that I have to limit myself to only going twice a week or my kiddos would kill me. They probably already want to kill me! Oh well, I can't help myself.  Plus, I really need to get this done. All of my bazillion teacher trainings start next week and I'm not going to have much time for putting together my classroom. Pretty soon school will be starting and I will have a million other things to worry about, so I don't want to worry about decorating. Sooo, do you wanna see what I've been working on?! I do! It makes me happy. The front of my classroom is getting there. I pretty much just have my calendar area left to tackle there. Here we go!

This is to the left right as you walk in the classroom. 

My fabulous teacher area. I wish I knew where my missing computer is, but my iPad will do for now. I love, love, love my birthday board and can't wait to get those pictures up there.

From the back of the room. See it looks like a classroom!

                           Looking into the rest of the room. Still pretty blank, but more coming soon!

My project for today (besides all the classroom stuff) was to make my 1st grade portrait letter. One of my kiddo's fabulous teachers had a picture of her when she was in the same grade, and I thought it was so cute, so I made one too. I just need a frame, but this will hang right outside the door for my new firsties to see before they walk in to the classroom. Hopefully, it will make them feel more at ease.

Love it!

Be fun and fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney

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