Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Making Us Better

I keep reading about all of these fabulous conferences, trainings, and in-services going on. The "I teach K" conference looks like so much fun. It ALMOST makes me want to teach K, but not quite. :) My friend from my last school was a presenter for the Early Childhood Summit this week with standing room only because she is so fabulous. It made me think about all the things we do to keep growing and finding the best ways to help and teach our kiddos. Teachers rock! :)

I did the training for our new reading series earlier this summer. Last week, I went to the RLA Common Core Training. I so wish I could have gone to the Math, but no such luck. Next week, I go to a 3 day training for teachers with 0-3 years experience. Then the week afterwards is DI conference. I signed up for lots of fun things, so I am sure it will be fabulous. I love learning, and am always  teaching myself new things.

So what about you? What trainings or conferences have you or will you attend this summer? Are you excited about any of them?

By the way, my Sparkling Spellers are ready to go for Sunday's blog post. Woohoo! I tried it out on my own kiddos and they think it's fun. :)

I also am working on some calendar stuff right now. You should see my table filled with laminator stuff, paper, and cutting instruments. My desk is full of calendar pieces, and my computer is probably overloaded with all of the windows and applications I have open. Back to school time is upon us!

Tomorrow, I hope to make it to my classroom to show you another awesome idea I had. I hope it turns out as fabulous as I hope! I know the kiddos will love it!

Be fun and fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney

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