Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Yippee! Tomorrow I get to meet my new kiddos. I've kept pretty much the same list of kids this whole month. We got the final list today and it is still the same, so I am hoping my class won't change too much. I'm ready to go. I think. :)

This week has been great, but busy. Meeting after meeting after meeting. Then we had our big Back to School picnic last night. It was a great turn out, and everyone loved it. Yea for the Celebration Committee! My team was awesome and we worked well together. It was a great start to the year.

All day it looked like it was going to rain. My principal came to me in the morning and asked what the plan was if it rained. I said, "It is NOT going to rain." He said, "Ok, positive thinking then," and laughed. All day people kept asking him what we were going to do, and he kept telling them, "She said it wasn't going to rain." Well, guess what! It did not rain! It did sprinkle a TINY bit for a minute, but that doesn't count.  The weather was cool and nice. Perfect for a picnic. Thanks for listening, rain! :) You made me look good. Haha!
Now, it's on to our next event in September.

I also heard ALL NIGHT LONG about my awesome brochures. Apparently, one of one of my parents (a 4th grade teacher) took my registration folder and passed it around for all to see. Haha! All I kept hearing was that they couldn't believe I made all that and I must have spent so much money. I had to explain over and over that it was all free on Vistaprint. Then I got made fun of for doing all of that. Then they started talking about how my room was all ready and I had nothing to do. I told everyone they are not allowed in my room any more. It freaks them all out. Haha. I can't help it. I can't stand letting things wait. I am SOOO glad I had most everything done before now. If I didn't I would be so stressed. In fact, just seeing some of the rooms that aren't ready, stress me out. :) I am a planner and I don't know how to procrastinate. Thank goodness!

Tomorrow the kids come for just 2 hours. They fill out all the paperwork and meet me, then go home. Monday will be our first full day. This will be a tough week. Usually, we start in the middle of the week, so it's just a couple of days and then a break. It's good for all of us, but not this year. A whole week the first week of school will be HARD. Oh well, they'll really have things down by the end of the week. :)

So, I should probably go to bed sometime soon. I probably won't sleep much tonight. I will probably think of a million things I didn't do, but that's ok. School's back!

Be fun and Fabulous!

~Mrs. Sweeney

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